Blue Into The Rip ( Into The Rip #1) Finished Cover

So here it is. The finished version. I posted this originally on my old blog, and I’ve lost all your lovely comments, sorry about that.

I couldn’t get the rights for any of the images I’d used for the original cover, so I was forced to go ahead and do it all myself. I’m quite pleased with it. Especially the skeleton in the asteroid. My favourite bit. The space station is two bicycle wheels and a bit of Photoshop magic.

Blue Into The Rip (Into The Rip #1)

2 thoughts on “Blue Into The Rip ( Into The Rip #1) Finished Cover

  1. nicolas lachance (butcher)

    I think it’s great, beautiful picture, very professional, I give 9/10, congratulation!!!

    1. Thanks again. I did this cover with no feedback – well only once it was finished and published. I thought I’d have no chance of pulling off a modern skeleton in an asteroid. I think I just managed it 🙂

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