My first review & it’s a spanker!

 5 Star Review from Girl in the Woods Reviews for my new novel Blue Into The Rip

Girls in the woods reviews

“I really LOVE this book!

It was an amazing read and Kev Heritage’s writing is superb and unique. When I read this book, I was totally blown away from the first line till the end … I really enjoyed this book. Heritage’s writing is full of potential and notable and I really love the characters’ sarcasm. The story was really funny and so were the characters, though there were times when the story became quite serious but there’s always this sarcastic atmosphere oozing from the plot.

I guess, that’s why it kept me reading and on the edge of seat whenever a new chapter arrives on the next page. There were these twists which kept me confused too! … I was pulled here and there through the story because sometimes the story went back to the past, then the future and then to the present so it kinda went here and there. 


What can I say? Heritage’s style of writing is inventive and quite original, I feel that if you ever this or give it a chance, you’ll not regret it!”

Read Full Review Here: Girl In The Woods ARC Review: ‘Blue Into The Rip’ 

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