‘From The Indie Side’ – Cover reveal!

FROM THE INDIE SIDEVery, very excited to announce the release date for great new Indie speculative anthology, From The Indie Side and to showcase the new cover.

From The Indie Side is a short-story compilation by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors and award winners. I’m thrilled as a relative unknown (and the only British writer) to join such awesome company. Honoured.

I’ve always loved anthologies, they are a great way to discover new authors and different worlds. This anthology is no different, I heartily recommend it.

From The Indie Side will be available 1st Feb 2014 – links available very soon.

Introduction by Indie guru and one-man publishing success: Hugh Howey, author of the award winning WOOL series.


“REDOUBT” by  Michael Bunker
“The Man Who Remembered Today” by  Peter Cawdron
“Queen Joanna” by Kate Danley
“Cipher” by Sara Foster
“Made of Stars” by Anne Frasier
“The Winter Lands” by Jason Gurley
“The Greater Good” by Mel Hearse
“Gyre~Witchery” by Kev Heritage
“Mouth Breathers” by Hugh Howey
“The Man With Two Legs” by Ernie Lindsey
“The War Veteran” by Susan May
“Going Gray” by Brian Spangler

Edited: David Gatewood
Foreword: Hugh Howey
Cover design: Jason Gurley

My story is…

All Tam wanted was to be loved. Was that so hard? Made outcast because of her green eyes—the sign of witchery—Tamina, a well-meaning simpleton, is shunned by a superstitious people who blame her for the ills that have overtaken their small island. It was not her fault that she put on weight while the others starved, or that wild animals slunk at her side, or that men and women both desired and despised her. But change was coming, brought upon the back of a terrifying squall…

From The Indie Side Cover

5 thoughts on “‘From The Indie Side’ – Cover reveal!

  1. My mum who is nearly 80 thinks the cover looks like a boob…

  2. So that’s where you get it from then?

    1. These dirty old ladies…

  3. I think you should add maybe some blue or green into the shadows. I think it’s the flesh color more than the placement that is giving that effect.

    1. Hi Christina – this cover is not by me! It’s by prolific cover designer Jason Gurley: http://jason-gurley.squarespace.com/

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