8 thoughts on “Video: ‘The Cowl’ Progress Update

  1. Your enthusiasm for creativity is infectious. Just what the doctor ordered! Good move with the video, get a real sense of who you are! You seem like a very nice chap 🙂

    1. Thanx! I am very nice… mostly!

  2. Good vlog, natural and friendly, who needs RADA!

    1. I am a classically trained vlogger… Thanx!

  3. Belinda Simmons

    Awesome video! Looking forward to reading “The Cowl”! Sounds very exciting! Good job Tea Man!

    1. It should be a good read, although I’d not read it with a cup of tea, there maybe some spillage!

  4. Blossom Young

    Love the video! A great idea, let people know who you are. For myself it’s nice to put a face to the name at last! Like the cover – can’t wait to see the finished article! Best wishes to you and JUST KEEP WRITING!

    1. And what a lovely face it is… and yes, I’m English. Shocker.

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