Updated Cover for ‘The Cowl’ & Name Change: thoughts?

First off, many thanks for your comments regarding the cover of my upcoming dark fantasy ‘The Cowl’ (IronSycthe Series #1). Many of you queried why if the novel was called ‘The Cowl’ how come there was a picture of a sword? So after a lot of pondering, I’ve decided to release each novella  independently. The first novella will be Flesh~Golem (IronScythe #1) released hopefully next week sometime!! In the meantime, take a look at the compilation cover. Thoughts?

IronScythe 1-3

11 thoughts on “Updated Cover for ‘The Cowl’ & Name Change: thoughts?

  1. MichelleD

    Silly me, even though I saw and commented on the previous cover I already assumed the name was IronScythe.

    1. I really didn’t want to call book one ‘IronScythe’ so I’ve decided to release them all separately – book one is now ‘Flesh~Golem’.

  2. Blossom

    Looks fabulous! Love the dark detail on the blade. Can’t wait to see it ‘in the flesh’!

  3. Bishop S. Pope, Sr.

    It will work as it is. However, be sure to reflect the change in attitude.

  4. Stephanie Harrison

    I definitely like the additional shading on the sword; it seems real and less digital.

    1. Thanks, although I may be ditching the sword altogether…

  5. Deb

    Despite the change to split the series, I am still confused by the choice to have the series be named Iron Scythe, but with sword variations on the covers. As the description in #1 doesn’t clarify what the iron object is, that doesn’t really help at all. It might be less confusing not to have the swords, just let the background area conversions convey the differences in the attitude of the novels…?

    1. I think it definitely requires a foreground object of some sort. I may keep the sword for the compilation cover, and create three different covers for each part. It’s just the time it takes…

  6. I’m not familiar with the series or the novellas, and I’m really not a big fan of covers featuring swords, but I do have to say I really like the detailing on this cover. I do think the sky/planet background is really neat and I like that there’s a building that looks pretty fancy (but I think is a bit dark and flat). I looked at the other (previous?) cover and I definitely like this one over the blue – it has more depth. The sword itself is really well done and I like the shading and handle. My personal issue with sword covers is other than conveying a fantasy genre, I really don’t get an idea of what the book is about since they seem generic and are used very often.

    1. You’re not familiar with it as it’s brand new! But yes, I take your point about it being cliched. That’s the last thing I want. Back to the drawing board!

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