Flesh Golem Cover Reveal

Okay, here’s the final(ish) version of the cover. I took on board your comments and ditched the sword (for now) – I get that swords are a cliche in the fantasy genre, but IronScythe is the name of the series, so it will have to make an appearance at some point! I’m separating the first set of stories into novellas, of which Flesh~Golem is the first of three. I’m happy with all the elements, but your thoughts and comments on the different font sets please:

Flesh Golem - Book One of the IronScythe Series by Kev Heritage



8 thoughts on “Flesh Golem Cover Reveal

  1. Prettykittyfire

    A mixture of the 2. Don’t use Joker man for the title because it looks too juvenile, but I prefer the “name” font in the first one.

    1. Yeah, have replaced it, what do you think?

    2. Prettykittyfire

      I like the title in orange… very striking 🙂 but I’d prefer your name in that font but white because it blends in too much with the title in the same colour 🙂

  2. Maria Young

    I prefer the second of the two options (where title and name match). It seems ‘cleaner’ somehow, darker – and the face is just excellent!

    1. Changed it now – what do you think of the new second version?

  3. Maria Young

    I think the second (2nd) one is very striking. But, maybe your name should be bigger? Deeper.

    The overall balance on the first (2nd) is better, and I DO like the metallic lettering – more gothic feeling and dark, medieval almost and olde worlde.

    And it’s IronScythe so I like the metallic tang – seems fitting.

  4. Stephanie Harrison

    I definitely prefer the metallic lettering; it fits the genre and gives a better idea of what is in store for the reader. The new artwork is also a better fit for the specific story.

  5. I just think the metallic lettering may look ‘fantasy’ but it’s a little boring. I don’t want to turn readers off by having a non-trad fantasy cover – but I want to keep a certain house-style to my covers – and besides, the 2nd version with the yellow text may stick out from the competition. It needs a little bit more work, but that’s what I going for… I think

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