Video: The Flesh Golem Commuter

A new contract in London, the upcoming Flesh~Golem – IronScythe teaser & nothing at all about the non-stop UK rain and Climate Change… (I also throw in a few shapes to the imaginary drum & bass in my head)

4 thoughts on “Video: The Flesh Golem Commuter

  1. Stephanie Harrison

    Congrats on the contract! Also, I’ll see your rain and raise you snow…lots and lots of snow.

    1. I’m not sure what wins – water or snow. Can we call it a draw?

  2. It’s no good writing when you’re on the train, you should be conducting inane, loud conversations on your mobile phone, especially if you’re in the quiet carriage.
    Seriously though, good luck with the new post.

    1. I live for the ‘phone cocks’ as I call them. That is why I have headphones …and a brick

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