6 thoughts on “Here’s the updated cover for BLUE INTO THE RIP

  1. khaxan

    I would like it more if the pic look more realistic

    1. Hi Khaxan,

      Me too, I actually had a great image with a real skeleton trapped in rock that I wanted to use, but was not given permission. I had to then recreate from scratch. I’m pleased with it, but I’d certainly consider using a better artist than little old me – if they did it for free!


  2. Lize

    Interesting imagery. It has me wondering about the story.

    1. My job is done! But seriously, if you want to buy the book because of my intriguing cover, that’s great. And I suggest you do–buy it, that is!


  3. Sophie David

    I think this is a great cover! I definitely want to read it. I love books like this anyway.

    1. I like it too, but looking to get an artist in to replace this and to design the upcoming covers as well. It takes me too much time!

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