The Teatime Author Interview

Here’s an excerpt from my latest interview:  ‘A Woman’s Wisdom Reviews’. 

‘It is my pleasure to welcome author Kev Heritage to A Woman’s Wisdom this evening. I have reviewed several of Kev’s books – The Cowl, Blue Into The Rip and also an anthology he contributed to From The Indie Side.’

Do you prefer to read paperbacks or ebooks?

Book are books. I love to read regardless of the format. I think it’s important to resist change. A vital brake on making sure we don’t replace things that work well—a survivalist tool—but, sadly, the time of the printed book is coming to an end. The only problem? With no physical books, how will humans rebuild civilisation after the apocalypse?!

Joking aside, stories are stories, regardless of the medium. I recently bought a bookie friend a Kindle as a present. I wasn’t sure what her reaction was going to be. Within twenty minutes she had downloaded the complete works of Dickens. She loved it. And they are great for holidays. I took Game of Thrones on Holiday with me a few years ago. All on my Kindle, so I didn’t have to lug them about with me. Great.

I can read either, they are interchangeable to me.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m primarily writing the next novel in my INTO THE RIP series – ‘Blue into the Planet’. I’m at that pulling my hair out stage, where I’ve got 60K words written and I’ve no idea what the hell is going on. As an antidote I’m also working on an anthology of short stores called ‘The Lady in the Glass’, and a follow up Cowl story ‘The Call of Kuu’Goroth’

Please take time to read the full interview here:

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