Deep Breath – a quickie (and late) S8E1 Doctor Who Review

I only got to see the opener last night as I was on holiday. I’m going to watch it again a few times today, but it was a bit of an anti-climax 🙁

(Minor Spoilers)

I really didn’t like the opening credits. But, I’ve played them (below) about fifty times now and yeah, I’ve come to really love the music. I’m reminded of when I first heard Matt Smith’s theme with (at the time) a weird intro bit that I didn’t like and yet, it is now my favourite of all (apart from the original of course).

Bizarrely, the opening credits are not as good as the original fan version. But with anything ‘Who’, I’ve learnt not to jump the gun with a knee-jerk dislike of the ‘new’. They will grow on me.

So onto the show. I watched it once, after a day of buses, trains and planes coming back from Croatia—so I was pretty knackered. My very first thoughts: I don’t mind the ‘out-there’ plot or any of the elements that worked well on their own, but the bits and pieces did not connect for me. It jarred from a lack of flow. I also wondered why the age of Capaldi had to be repeatedly referenced like an apology, with even Matt Smith on hand to tell fans to give ‘the old fella’ a chance. Is Moffat worried about losing the legion of American teen fans built up so spectacularly by Matt Smith? Surely not…

Doctor-Who-Series-8-Peter-CapaldiCapaldi is gonna rock this show, I feel that, but at this point, after only one viewing, I think that maybe he was let down a little. This was not the brilliant opener that Matt Smith was given. This was off-kilter and a little confusing. And even though the great man has just won an Emmy, I do wonder if Moffat is not in need of a script editor to tone down some of his more ‘out there’ ideas. New Doctor episodes are always a ‘big ask’, tho. A lot to do in a very short time (even with the extra 20 mins). And under Moffat I’ve learnt to accept the rough with the smooth.

But as I said, one viewing is not enough to tell. I’ll be watching it again today. Still, I can’t wait to see Capaldi in a proper episode with all this ‘intro’ stuff behind him. Let’s see how I feel after watching it a few more times.

Anyway, let me know what you think. Good/Bad – Reasons?

Roll on Sunday and Ep2.





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8 thoughts on “Deep Breath – a quickie (and late) S8E1 Doctor Who Review

  1. It started off too goofy for me – Capaldi seemed to be trying to hard to be Matt Smith, but once it settled down, I started to enjoy it.

    As you said, first episodes aren’t a way to judge the character and the series. I could already see how Capaldi was developing to be darker and more serious. I thought the chemistry between Clara and The New Doc was smoother as well; first time I’ve really enjoyed Clara as a companion.

    1. Hi Tony… Yeah, I think he had to be channeling a little bit of Matt Smith in the ‘inbetween’ of the old and the new. I kept hearing certain lines that I know Matt Smith would have delivered differently, like they were still writing for him, yet which Capaldi gave a new feel.

      I’ve now watched it again, and it made a lot more sense and I was, to be honest, relieved. I think Capaldi is going to be just awesome.

      I’m also, like you, very pleased they’ve given Clara more of a character, she needed it. But the plot… still preposterous.

  2. Gill Helliwell

    Have just watched the opening credits and like them. Seemed to me that they were representing tardis – time represented by clock cogs and dial, leaping into relative dimension dial then off into space. Obvious but nicely done. Also liked the new harsh edge to some of the top notes. But I’m a simple soul and quite easy to please. : ))

    1. Take a look at the original fan intro – they were so impressed with these they actually got the guy in to help with the actual BBC intro: – He wet himself when Moffat got in touch, heh.

  3. I think you’ve hit the nail. The soppy bits with Capaldi apologising for his age, and Clara wondering how she will cope with his age, were just plain ludicrous. At what point did Matt Smith’s Doctor know to call Clara from Christmas past (while still a young Doctor) and place that phone call telling her to please accept the new and older Doctor as himself?

    Have we forgotten that Smith’s Doctor was expecting to be the last generation right up until Clara pleaded with the rift in time on the wall? If the Doctor knew all along that would be happening, then the entire end last episode of Smith’s generation makes no sense. And they put this big gaping hole in the story to accomplish what, exactly? That Clara should warm up to Capaldi? He doesn’t need warming up to. The only thing that clashes with his wonderful darker, edgier Doctor persona this incongruous pathetic need to be accepted for his “less attractive” new generation. Nonsense!

    I didn’t mind the story of the cyberpunk androids so much, though I agree that it was a lot like eating oatmeal. You get it down your gullet to get off to a good start for the rest of the day, but that doesn’t mean you wake up in the morning craving it.

    I definitely want to know where they’re going with the “heaven” element of the story, the new mystery woman in the Doctor’s life might prove promising. I won’t spoil #2 for you. I’ll only say that I’m waiting for #3 to make up my mind. Capaldi is a very talented actor with promise for this role. I can only hope that the show allows him to fulfil that promise.

    1. Totally agree, although I don’t ‘see’ Capaldi’s Doctor just yet. He seems a little vague. Hoping this will change as Capaldi gets into the role and the Doctor gets into his new personality. I saw Ep2 last night. Gonna watch it again today and do a little post about it 🙂

  4. I’m a little behind and haven’t watched the first couple Capaldi episodes yet(a sad fact made worse since my wife and I have purchased the episodes on Amazon . . . so they’re just sitting there waiting to be streamed). Anyway, I didn’t like Matt Smith until about halfway through his first series, so no matter how this series starts out for me, I’ve also learned to withhold judgement for a bit.

    1. It took me a little while to like Matt as well. It’s always the same with a new Doctor, but with Matt Smith, his Doctor hit the ground running, he was who he was from ep1. Capaldi, for me, hasn’t done that. I haven’t got a handle on him yet. He seems far too vague and there’s zero chemistry with Clara – although apparently, she leaving at Christmas. I love the way Doctor Who can reinvent itself, and know it takes time as well – just waiting for a good story. The last three have been a little sketchy. I love the actor, so hoping he will pull it out of the bag.

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