4 thoughts on “New Book Cover… Whadyathink?

  1. Mary

    I loved the art work of your cover. but thought that some of the lettering needs to be more pronounced as you lose the J in the word Justice . Also, some of the words in the synopsis are spelled wrong but I thought maybe that was ‘the voice’ that your character is speaking with.

    1. Yes, I agree, the J & the U need to be bigger. As for the ‘misspelling’ – intentional

    2. Katharine Lion

      The issues with the title font could also be how close the letters are, try to adjust the kerning on the font. Have you considered a light gray color instead of white for the fonts? A less contrasty color could be easier to read. I really like the cosmic image & shadow, very dramatic!

  2. I like the Pillars of Creation background and respond to it much more strongly than the silhouette. Although if you’re going to have “The Lady In The Glass” you obviously have to have a lady. Like the font.

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