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Vatic - by Kev HeritageEARLY REVIEWS

If you would like to receive a free review copy of VATIC before the official release date of 6th December 2015, please contact me via: 

I’m after honest reviews only, but suitable quotes from your reviews will be included on my Amazon page and in the printed and electronic versions of book.

No memory, half-dead and 100% in your face…

Top Company scientist, Chen Jelinek, has committed suicide.

Vatic, a half-alive empath with no memory of who or what he is, will die in six-hours if he can’t find out why—or so the Company tells him—an ‘added incentive to get the job done’.

Our hero soon discovers he is one of the Skilled, a genetically enhanced human revered and despised in equal measure—a bloodhound with a terrifying past who’ll stop at nothing in his pursuit of truth.

And ‘the Skilled always get their guy’… don’t they?

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