VATIC is finally here! Get your copy for only $0.99/£0.99

Vatic - a flat out burn of a readIt’s finally here! Vatic has arrived. And I can go and have a long-earned lie down!

For an introductory time only, VATIC is on sale for $0.99/£0.99 (& equivalent for your region.) before it reverts to $4.99/£2.99.


Yep, a full novel for just a quid! And FREE with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

I’d love you to pop over to Amazon and download a copy. I’m not expecting super-chart success, but I’m keen to give it the best chance it can get in a competitive market. If you could do that today or before the offer ends I would be most grateful.

I would also appreciate if you could give the novel a push on your social media – Twitter, Facebook, etc. Any mention would be fantastic. Can you use my name and @KevHeritage (Facebook and Twitter will then alert me) and I promise to retweet, etc. It’s up to you. Here are a few links to my social stuff:

Vatic page:
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If you want to interview me to write something for blog or newsletter, just drop me a line. The release offer lasts until close of play Friday 11th Dec.

Finally, if you have been given a review copy (in return for an honest review), it would really help to get the review posted on Amazon in the next few days—if possible. But if it takes longer, no worries.

And that, ladies and germs, is that.

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Print (available to buy):
Amazon US
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Signed copies available on request

VATIC – an action-packed burn of a read –  a science-fiction mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

“Gritty, intense, and compelling, Vatic is a something you don’t run into often enough in Sci-Fi–a cerebral thrill ride you don’t want to end.”Vatic - by Kev Heritage -Michael Bunker, US TODAY Bestselling author of Pennsylvania

“Legitimately, one of the best books I’ve read since Ready Player One… Prepare to lose sleep reading Vatic!.. Delicious Sci-Fiction!…The best thing since Wool!”
-Kate Danley, US TODAY bestselling author
“Kev Heritage’s uncanny sense of pacing and story puts him at the forefront of today’s speculative fiction writers.”
-Samuel Peralta, Amazon bestselling author and creator of The Future Chronicles
“Gritty, detailed and unrelenting–Vatic will take you on a wild ride.”
-Peter Cawdron, International Bestselling author of Science Fiction

No memory, half-dead and 100% in your face…

Top Company scientist, Chen Jelinek, has committed suicide.

Vatic, a half-alive empath with no memory of who or what he is, will die in six-hours if he can’t find out why—or so the Company tells him—an ‘added incentive to get the job done’.

Our hero soon discovers he is one of the Skilled, a genetically enhanced human revered and despised in equal measure—a bloodhound with a terrifying past who’ll stop at nothing in his pursuit of truth.

He is unceremoniously dumped at the Company’s most prestigious labs, where he meets the ‘best-of-the-best’—scientists at the pinnacle of their profession—and the pompous and annoying facility Director, Anton Frederix.

Vatic is not welcomed with open arms—the over-indulged base experts try to hinder his investigation rather than give him the help he requires. But Vatic is not the type to give up easily, especially when his life depends on it.

And just what is the mystery surrounding the black flowers found in the vast hydroponics domes, the alien mould cultivated by the lab’s Director, and the base-wide system failure threatening everyone’s lives? If Vatic knows one thing, it’s that he’s the guy to solve this, no matter how complicated or messed up it may be.

With time running out, Vatic must use all of his genetically modified wits to survive. And ‘the Skilled always get their guy’… don’t they?


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