Hi Everybuddy! In August, my short story, Churchill’s Rock, will be appearing in Chronicle Worlds, Legacy Fleet.

Legacy Fleet

Put together by Future Chronicles guru, Samuel Peralta and Legacy Fleet series creator, Nick Endi Webb.

For those who have read within Nick’s bestselling Legacy Fleet trilogy (Constitution, Warrior, and Victory) or anyone else who loves military SF… you need to get this and you won’t be disappointed!

Chronicle Worlds: Legacy Fleet is Samuel Peralta, Nick Endi Webb, Therin Knite, Dave Monk Fraser Adams, Peter Cawdron, Patrice Fitzgerald, Kat Fieler, Jon Frater, Kev Heritage, Ralph Kern, Joseph Lewis, James McCormick (J.E. Mac), Felix R Savage, Will Swardstrom, Matthew Alan Thyer, Christopher Valin

Edited by: Therin Knite

Anyone keen on reviewing this great new release, get in touch.

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