10 Minutes… that’s it!

It’s recently occurred to me that I spend far too much time editing Facebook Twitter, email and even blog posts. This is because I have a strong desire to make sure everything is well-written and well formatted. And to be honest… it’s becoming a waste of valuable time.

When I do come to make a Facebook post or reply to am email, and especially when it’s written on my phone, I find that I’m spending too long tidying up what is in effect something that is not particularly important and which is is not going to be read or shared by that many people.  HAHA! But it’s true! 😮

So I’ve come to the difficult decision that from this point onward, I’ll no longer be doing this. The result? Expect a lot of badly written, badly punctuated and sometimes badly spelled drivel from me in the future. 😃 So no change….

Obviously, for the blog and emails, I’ll try to use a bit more editing but  my focus has to be on my stories. On my day to day writing. And not on my random thoughts and sudden ideas for interesting blog, Twitter or Facebook posts that constantly pop into my head and won’t go away until I write them down somewhere. There’s nothing wrong in that, but its an OCD issue – great for fiction – but a waste of time for everything else.

It’s not unusual for me to spend an afternoon writing a blog post or an email and at the end of it wondering why???? Especially when I could be writing fiction instead.

So there we have it. from now on, I’m mot spending more than 10 minutes on a blog, email – and significantly less on Twitter.

BTW – this took me 12 minutes, including at least 90 seconds where I contemplated inserting a deliberate typo…  😡

2 thoughts on “10 Minutes… that’s it!

  1. Nicholas Kingsley

    You obviously kept the typo in!

  2. A 90 seconds well spent! Now where is it? I can’t spot it, heh

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