Yet another cover for Blue Into The Rip!

Just why am I tinkering with the cover of a novel that’s out already? 

The reason? It’s because I’m finalising the next novel in the series: Blue Into The Moon which means that I have to design a new cover. And as my Photoshop skills have improved somewhat, it means that both covers in the series have to match. Hence yet another version – although I’m confident that this is the last, never-to-be-repeated, closing, finishing, ending, concluding, terminating, culminating, ultimate, eventual, endmost, terminal and final version. Possibly…


3 thoughts on “Yet another cover for Blue Into The Rip!

  1. Hi! Just connected with you via Twitter! (tuning in to it all?)
    think Sygasm project Very Interesting!

    1. Hi Antosa! Thanks for saying so. Sorry for the tardiness of my reply, I’ve been getting so much comment spam that I missed your reply amongst all the rubbish! Have you joined the Sygasm facebook group?

  2. Good Evening Kev!
    no problem!
    just an inter enter mortal solar electromagnetic blip, blop, sending one off course!
    Being in the public ‘know’ I am sure has its moments
    which I do not have to contend with as I am really rather a private soul who has so far lived under the radar!
    To Create I need time & peace!
    anyhow Kev
    admist all the thorns and with so many Pr**s you managed to find the Rose!:)
    I shall look at the Sygasm facebook group however Kev and no disrespect to you but Antosa does not join anything
    But I do support and I am deeply interested in Everything!
    including this super project of yours!:)
    I appreciate you getting back to me
    Kindest Regards
    Ps I have 3 artistic websites!:) Oh and I do so hope you enjoyed the music of the spheres! which I sent via twitter?

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