Westworld the series. Thoughts…

Has anybody else been watching Westworld the series?

I think we are at about episode 7 or 8. I’m not 100% sure if I’m on board with this series or not. It seems to be examining the nature of existence a bit too much for my liking. It’s old ground that has been trod over many times before. Anybody who has read their Philip K Dick, will not find this series particularly groundbreaking, to say the least. However it is very slick and there is a sense of mystery enhanced by the last two episodes which piqued my interest again.


Anthony Hopkins is acting at his most threatening best. But I find that my need for rationality is not satisfied by the game park scenario. I can’t see how it can work, unless each visitor can only be there for one day as the same stories circle over and over on a daily basis, and yet we have characters who are in stories that are lasting longer than a few days. What would happen if they return to the main town? Wouldn’t they then notice the same scenario is repeating? Wouldn’t that ruin their experience of the game?

Every night the park authorities must go out and repair the seemingly hundreds of androids that have been ‘killed’ the day before. They are getting repeatedly shot and stabbed. Surely no matter how robust these androids are, this level of daily damage would mean they wouldn’t last very long? And, on more than one occasion, an android who is going on a journey in the park with one of the guests, still ends up at night in the underground labs, only to return the next day. Wouldn’t the paying guests of the park notice them being taken away by the guys in the weird suits? And wouldn’t that break the illusion of the game?

To my mind, Westworld is fatally flawed, and I can’t really see where they’re going to go with it unless everyone is an android and the whole thing is an illusion or some sort which would satisfy my Philip K Dick needs.


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  1. Thoughts? I think we need better access to more interesting shows in Australia.

  2. Anonymous

    It shows that the visitors are aware of any repetition and consciously proceed with the experience. Sometimes even shows that they go deliberately to repeat the same action ( see Ed Harris who goes to Dolores, repeating the same action in the barn.) They share the concept of a real role play/adventure game. As in fiction and in video games, the gamer/player experiencing repetition…at least until the next level.

    I agree that the concept of existence it might be too much, so that causes a sense of limitation. Unless if that’s what they want to share, at least so far…

    1. I’m not so sure. They give the impression that this experience is very expensive. And its in the future, where immersive VR would be the norm. Sure, repeating a story line you like playing is okay, but if you were there for a week, you’d get fed up with the same things happening everyday. And what’s to stop someone getting drunk and just killing everybody and ruining all the other storylines played by the other guests? It makes no sense to me in this respect. The variables are too high to make this a viable theme park.

  3. with hosts getting reset each day in town , i suppose it is assume d everyone has moved on and new guests are arriving so everything is new to them .
    there is a lot more control behind the scenes, the park is absolutely giant.
    If a guest gets too rowdy, they have shown they have control and can shut down guns and do all kinds of things, and resetting hosts seems like a speedy process.
    who knows what the endgame is, i do like the theme of human nature a lot, rules and morality and empathy, it reminds me of the Purge in that way.

    as far as why there’s so many rich assholes? that’s the demographic, it is expensive and well.. rich assholes want to go be assholes with a cowboy hat

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