Hahaha! So here I am, writing more nonsense on my blog thing.

Blog updates are just too time-consuming.

All about thinking about what I should write—drinking tea, typing something, getting worried that it’s pretentious bollocks, deleting, drinking more tea, wondering if I should go down the pub, while commiserating with my stomach that our combined health issues mean we can’t ingest bacon and egg and brown sauce sandwiches with the regularity that we deserve.

So this time, I’m just gonna write the thing and get it over and done with.

What is this blog about?

I’m annoyed. Really annoyed. I did a shitload of writing last year and all I published was a single short story.


That’s just not good enough. So, in response to that, I’m gonna publish loads of stuff this year.

Of course I am. There’s no reason to think otherwise.

So here’s  what’s definitely happening this year. Definitely.

Vatic 2

Vatic is already on his way to solve another fucked up space mystery… Hoorah!

Your favourite Skilled is trapped on a berserk spaceship and in a mean, mean mood about it, so don’t get in his way!

Blue into the Moon

Aaaaargh! That’s just how I feel about it at the moment. But it’s damn near done.

I just need some undisturbed thinking time and tinkering and it’ll be away to the editors.

The main problem though, is that I can’t draw spaceships and the cover needs a spaceship.

A big one.

So what does Blue get up to? Well, he goes to the Moon for starters.

There’s murder, a Tourney and an asteroid made out of sapphire.

But the big thing is his first kiss!

Yeah. It’s all happening to Blue in Phase two of cadet training.

Quick-Kill and the Galactic Secret Service

Fast-paced action all the way.

Quick-Kill and the Galactic Secret ServiceI bashed out a synopsis – it’s not quite finished, so some tweaking needed. Here it is:

An assassin should never get caught…

On the backwater, patriarchal planet of Plenty, self-styled assassin and man-hater, Quick-Kill, executes small-time criminal, Rollo Barla, in what should have been a straightforward kill—one of the many she had built her reputation upon.

But soon afterwards, Quick-Kill learns that the contract on Rollo was ordered by the Cabal—a loose network of galactic criminals, and that they, and the equally shady Galactic Secret Service, were now trying to chase her down.

Quick-Kill must stay one step ahead if she is to survive.

Available on 7th March 2017. Pre-order it here.

Chronicle Worlds: Drifting Isle

My first foray in steampunk. An anthology set in the Drifting Isle world.

My story is of course a mystery! What else could it be? Very noirish. Called: Murder, Lies and No Goodbyes.

No release date for this just yet. But I’ll let you all know when I know.

And I suppose that is that.

End Bit

So, it’s 17 mins since starting and I’ve already finished.


I’ve got this blog thing sussed… now for that bacon and egg and brown sauce sandwich 🙂

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