QUICK-KILL is back from the editors and despite the heavy pages of red ink and exclamation marks, my new novella is ready on Amazon pre-launch!

PRE-ORDER QUICK_KILL NOW for the release price of $0.99/£0.99
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Quick-Kill will be delivered wirelessly to your chosen Kindle device on 7th March 2017.

An assassin should never get caught…

On the backwater, patriarchal planet of Plenty, self-styled assassin and man-hater, Quick-Kill, executes small-time criminal, Rollo Barla, in what should have been a straightforward kill—one of the many she had built her reputation upon.

But soon afterwards, Quick-Kill learns that the contract on Rollo was ordered by the Cabal—a loose network of galactic criminals, and that they, and the equally shady Galactic Secret Service, were now trying to chase her down.

Quick-Kill must stay one step ahead if she is to survive.

Quick-Kill and the Galactic Secret Service


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  1. Just a couple of days to go!

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