Yep there’s no big news in this post, but since my last post was yonks ago, I thought a little WIP report and a great £0.99 / $1.47 book offer from my author friend David J Roger would be just enough to keep you all interested… possibly… maybe… hopefully!

I know many of you are anxiously awaiting news on the sequel… well you’ll have to wait a little longer! But watch this space. In the meantime, I’ve released a Blue Into The Rip 2nd Edition. This will  automatically update your Kindles in the coming week. The printed version is also available.

What’s the difference? A spanking new cover, a bigger size and a new chapter heading font and design. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts.

THE LADY IN THE GLASS – Tales of Death, Justice & Dying
This was scheduled for release in January 2015. But, I’ll be honest, the cover design is just not coming together. I know, it shouldn’t matter that much. Just some words on a background with my name somewhere and that’s all that’s needed, right? But… no. That’s not for me. I want it to be as lovely as I can make it.

Kev’s recommendations
This is a little segment where I highlight a book I’ve read or an author I know.

This time it’s my good writery mate, and best-selling author,  David J Rodger the acclaimed author of God Seed, Dante’s Fool, Iron Man Project, Edge, Living in Flames, Dog Eat Dog, The Black Lake, and The Social Club. He is also the creator of the role-playing game Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur.

His writing is classed as crossover fiction, mainly thrillers with a science fiction and dark fantasy horror twist.

Fans of Cyberpunk and H.P.Lovecraft’s “Cthulhu Mythos” will undoubtedly enjoy seeing threads of these genres woven through the fabric of his work. There is new technology and there are monsters!

I asked David to write a few words about his new release ‘Oakfield’.

Oakfield has both feet planted firmly the Cthulhu Mythos. A form of horror I find appealing because it is both chilling yet can be incredibly subtle.  You don’t have to be a fan of the Cthulhu Mythos or even know what it is to enjoy this work; in fact, it is a pleasure to discover it fresh.

It is set in the near future, and has technology that brings the book into the science fiction genre of Cyberpunk, like most of my novels.

There is hope in Oakfield.  It is a story of survival in the face of increasing peril. But there are victims as well as heroes.  It is this hope, and the struggle the characters go through that creates the tension of this novel.  It’s already been well received by early readers:

For a short period only (Until April 5th) Oakfield on Kindle can be bought for only:

 £0.99 / $1.47

•    LULU paperback
•   Amazon paperback
•    Amazon Kindle: UK | US

Find out more about David:
Rodger lives in Bristol writing from a house on a hill.

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November News 2014

As I’ve had a lot of new subscribers recently, I thought I’d drop everyone a quick line with some news and a little request-ette. 

Firstly, a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up to my newsletter. I hope you are all enjoying your free copy of BLUE INTO THE RIP. And if you enjoyed it, please leave a review on Amazon. It really means a lot to me, even if it’s just a few words…and five stars of course! But seriously, the number of stars is up to you. ‘Five’ does have a good ring to it though… don’t you think?

First draft is done! It’s been a bit of a slog, but I’ve finally sorted out the many problems with the plot (don’t worry, there always are at this stage) and I’m busy second drafting as we speak. I’m very happy with many of the words, but it’s getting the little buggers into the right order that’s the trouble. Ack! As to a release date? It’s going to be after Christmas 🙁 I know, but can’t be helped. I’m keen to get it finished, but I couldn’t possibly send it off to the editors until I’m totally, almost, positively, maybe sure it’s, almost, maybe finished. Possibly.

Talking about BLUE INTO THE PLANET – I’d like to make a little request. I’m always on the look out for cool logic or leadership tests. Not so much a series of numbers or images, but something I could turn into a practical test. If you’ve read BLUE INTO THE RIP, you’ll know there’s a logic test with three switches. I’m looking for something along the lines of that. I’ve got some cool ones already included, but I’d love to hear of any you may know of. If you do, please send me a return email and I promise to give you an acknowledgement if used.

When I’ve not been Blue Into The Ripping, I’ve been writing a short story compilation called THE LADY IN THE GLASS. I’m just finalising this (mostly trying to come up with a decent cover) and  – hoping to add teaser chapters from BLUE INTO THE PLANET and my upcoming paranormal comedy mystery, KILLER PICCADILLY. Hopefully. I just need more time! As for a release date, these things usually take longer than anticipated, but I’m looking at early January 2015.

So that’s my news. Now it’s time for…

Kev’s recommendations
This is just a little segment where I highlight a book I’ve read or an author I know.

This time it’s my good writery mate, and best-selling author, Heather Sunseri and her MINDSPEAK series. I met Heather through another writer (Susan May) and I soon gobbled up this wonderful trilogy. At first, I was a little concerned that it shared a similar premise to my INTO THE RIP series – genetically altered teenagers – but this is totally different read. But don’t listen to me, I asked Heather to write you a few words:

HEATHER: Thanks Kev! I’m so excited to visit with other passionate readers! So, Hi! I’m a young adult author of romantic medical science fiction that is set in the not-so-distant future.

Basically, I like to ask what-if questions of weird sciency stuff that totally could happen. For example, with the MINDSPEAK series, I asked, “What if a group of privileged kids discovered they were part of some huge scientific experiment before they were even born?” And what if the people responsible for the experiment no longer wanted these kids to exist? Throw a guy and a girl who are attracted to each other into the mix of what-if questions, and you’ve got yourself a romantic sci-fi adventure.

MINDSPEAK part one – FREE! Amazon US | UK

Find out more about Heather:

Heather’s Recommendation
I also asked Heather to recommend her favourite read of 2014. This is what she had to say:

HEATHER: Without a doubt my favorite book of 2014 was MAIDEN VOYAGE by Tania Aebi about an eighteen-year-old, New York bicycle messenger who sailed around the world with only a cat for company. The book was an amazing study of character and suspense, and a look into just how large of a world we live in. At eighteen, Tania experienced more life-changing events in two-and-a-half years than many of us see in a lifetime. Though this book is almost a couple of decades old, I fell in love with the adventure, and will read it again. And who knows… I just might use turn Tania’s adventures on the open water into some sort of science fiction romance in the future.

All the best,


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VIDEO: ‘Blue into the Planet’ Update





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FILM REVIEW: Gojira (1954)

Gojira (1954) is one of the longest-running series in film history. The director, Ishiro Honda, serves up a grim, visually jarring black and white masterpiece where Gojira (or ‘Godzilla’ to us language-challenged westerners) is the physical manifestation of the devastation wrought on Japan by the atomic bomb.

Tokyo is gonna get it this time!
Tokyo is gonna get it this time!

Suffice it to say, Godzilla appears from the deeps, sinks some ships and, for a cool and disturbingly visual encore, stomps all over Tokyo creating a fire-storm reminiscent of World War 2. How is the monster defeated? By a bomb worse than the one they dropped on Hiroshima – a terrifying device called the ‘Oxygen Destroyer’ capable of sucking oxygen from the sea. Yikes!

This movie is the remastered Japanese original – an angst-ridden melodrama with a funeral tone that perfectly captures the feelings of the time. Godzilla was among the first movies to combine a genre film with an overt political (anti-American) commentary:

A creature awakened by hydrogen-bomb testing is contaminated and transformed by radiation – and can breathe radioactive fire reminiscent of an atomic blast.

The unfriendly neighbourhood Godzilla has absorbed so much radiation from Pacific atomic tests carried out by those gung-ho 50s Americas, that his ‘dragon breath’ and increased size makes him indestructible to conventional weapons.

The creature special effects are a little creaky – a bloke in a suit – but the director and co-writer, himself a World War Two veteran, captured a realistic sense of war-like devastation.

The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 is referenced almost as an aside in the movie – a brief dialogue aboard a train where a guy jokes that his girlfriend will be the first victim should Godzilla appear in Tokyo. She replies: ‘Not me. Not after I survived the bomb at Nagasaki.’ It’s not said with any sense of pathos, or drama – just ‘everyday speak’ which gives those lines a greater and more disturbing emphasis.

Godzilla-1954Dr. Serizawa has a real moral dilemma: should he use his Oxygen Destroyer to defeat Godzilla – a weapon even more devastating than the thing it’s meant to defeat? Or should he keep his weapon a secret? We can guess the answer, but unlike the ‘mistake’ of Oppenheimer (the father of the atomic bomb), he takes his terrifying secret to grave.

I did catch myself laughing at bits I shouldn’t have – in particular Dr. Serizawa using his device to kill fish in a tank – a demonstration of the ‘terrible power of his discovery’ – the horror! But despite these minor flaws, Gojira is a gem of a movie.

In the last scene, Dr. Yamane says: ‘if mankind continues to test nuclear weapons, another Godzilla may appear again… one day’. A warning perhaps, of the awful modern remakes that were to come? But I digress, this is a warning about the folly of humankind and how our invention may one day be our downfall.

Yet Dr. Yamane’s words did become prophetic. Gojira did return. The Godzilla in this movie is a destroyer, but in later incarnations, Godzilla, more often than not, comes to the rescue of Japan – even if he does occasionally stomp all over Tokyo again just for old times sake.

As a result of these sequels (both Japanese and American), Godzilla is not taken very seriously, but the monster’s very first outing must surely rank as a classic sci-fi horror on par with King Kong.

Watch if you can. A firm four stars from me.

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The Teatime Author Interview

Here’s an excerpt from my latest interview:  ‘A Woman’s Wisdom Reviews’. 

‘It is my pleasure to welcome author Kev Heritage to A Woman’s Wisdom this evening. I have reviewed several of Kev’s books – The Cowl, Blue Into The Rip and also an anthology he contributed to From The Indie Side.’

Do you prefer to read paperbacks or ebooks?

Book are books. I love to read regardless of the format. I think it’s important to resist change. A vital brake on making sure we don’t replace things that work well—a survivalist tool—but, sadly, the time of the printed book is coming to an end. The only problem? With no physical books, how will humans rebuild civilisation after the apocalypse?!

Joking aside, stories are stories, regardless of the medium. I recently bought a bookie friend a Kindle as a present. I wasn’t sure what her reaction was going to be. Within twenty minutes she had downloaded the complete works of Dickens. She loved it. And they are great for holidays. I took Game of Thrones on Holiday with me a few years ago. All on my Kindle, so I didn’t have to lug them about with me. Great.

I can read either, they are interchangeable to me.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m primarily writing the next novel in my INTO THE RIP series – ‘Blue into the Planet’. I’m at that pulling my hair out stage, where I’ve got 60K words written and I’ve no idea what the hell is going on. As an antidote I’m also working on an anthology of short stores called ‘The Lady in the Glass’, and a follow up Cowl story ‘The Call of Kuu’Goroth’

Please take time to read the full interview here: http://awomanswisdom.wordpress.com/2014/06/26/the-teatime-author-interview-with-kev-heritage/

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Video: The Flesh Golem Commuter

A new contract in London, the upcoming Flesh~Golem – IronScythe teaser & nothing at all about the non-stop UK rain and Climate Change… (I also throw in a few shapes to the imaginary drum & bass in my head)

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