I’m a copy-editor with over twenty years of professional editing experience, working on, amongst other projects, lifestyle magazines, Big Brother, news, and various media publications.

I have proof-read novels and short stories as a hobby during my spare time, helping out writers of all levels. With the advent of self-publishing and the explosion of new writers wanting professionally edited manuscripts, I’m taking the opportunity to do what I love and starting an exciting new career as a freelance editor, book/media graphic designer and publisher.

I will help give your novel or short story the best chance it can get in an increasingly competitive world.

How does this work?

For starters, everything is negotiable. This doesn’t mean that the prices quoted may change substantially but, depending on your requirements and the time-frames involved, I’m sure we can come to an equitable agreement for any project.

Every manuscript and author will have different needs and as such I offer a variety of services.

Line Editing

What is a line edit? 

A line edit addresses the creative content, writing style, and language use at the sentence and paragraph level. It focuses on the way you use language to communicate your story to the reader. Is your language clear, fluid, and pleasurable to read? Does it convey a sense of atmosphere, emotion, and tone? Do the words you’ve chosen convey a precise meaning, or are you using broad generalisations and clichés?

I will draw attention to:

  • Words or sentences that are extraneous or overused
  • Run-on sentences
  • Redundancies from repeating the same information in different ways
  • Dialogue or paragraphs that can be tightened
  • Scenes where the action is confusing or the author’s meaning is unclear due to bad transitions
  • Tonal shifts and unnatural phrasing
  • Passages that don’t read well due to bland language use
  • Confusing narrative digressions
  • Changes that can be made to improve the pacing of a passage
  • Words or phrases that may clarify or enhance your meaning.

Rate: 1.80-2.00 cents per word. Price breakdown: 60K Novel = $1080-$1200 (UK £850-£950)

Developmental Editing (Creative Collaboration)

What is a developmental edit?

A developmental edit is concerned with the structure and content of your work. It is to improve your story—not your writing. If your manuscript lacks focus, I will help you find the right direction by suggesting fixes and changes to make your work more marketable.

This may involve:

  • Reordering events and the subtraction and addition of scenes
  • Changes to story outcomes
  • Eliminating subplots
  • Character deletion and/or merging of two or more characters
  • Changes to character arcs
  • Enhancing reader engagement by use of any of the above.

As a result, a developmental edit can be challenging. I won’t dictate to you, but you will be asked to justify your position when there is disagreement. However, the focus is on creative collaboration and at the end of the day, the author will make the final decision.

Developmental edits will vary with each project. If you require a developmental edit, get in touch and discuss your needs with me.


What is proofreading?

Proofreading is quality check and tidy-up. A final set-of eyes to give your work the once-over before publication. I will look for typos/text accuracy, consistency and presentation. I will not do any line or developmental editing. Ideally, your work should have been edited elsewhere.

Rate: 1.20 cents per word. Price breakdown: 60K Novel = $600/£475


If you’re interested, email me an example of the piece (the first few chapters should do): goforit@kevheritage.com I will take a look and we can discuss schedules and expectations.

If you are not ready for my services, I would invite you to take a look at my copy-editing guide:


The Complete INDIE Editor – 55 Essential Copy-edits for the Professional Independent Author

Amazon Reviews:

“Easy to follow and packed with usable tips…well worth the few dollars.”

“It has given me a lot more confidence in my writing and helped me identify some schoolgirl errors. More than anything, it helped me clarify what is good and bad writing.”

“I’m now happily writing with confidence in my own style. A very useful guide I’d highly recommend.”

An essential companion for an effective writing process.


Available in Kindle and Paperback


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Copy-Editing for the Professional Indie Author

We are living in a new publishing age. The way books are bought, sold and printed has radically changed. The reason? The move towards self-publishing.

Independent authors can now publish their own novels when they want, how they want, and with a cover they are happy with. Indeed, independent publishing provides many new and exciting opportunities for authors.

To become successful independent authors, we must write and publish as professionally as we can. With that in mind, I created this guide. The Indie Editor will not tell you how to self-publish, how to get cool covers, or how to market your publications, but it will explain, in a series of fifty-five edits, how to prepare your manuscript for publication or for submitting to your editor or beta-readers

When you publish as an Indie Author, be it on an electronic device such as the Kindle or as a printed novel through Createspace or other print-on-demand services, readers are evaluating your writing by using Free First Chapter, etc. With so many novels competing against one another, you need all the tools you can get to convert interest into a buy…

Welcome to the world of copy-editing – the revision, correction and adaptation of a piece of writing for publication. An edit is the singular name given to an individual edit or group of edits in the process of copy-editing. By working through this guide, you will apply each of the fifty-five edits to your novel.


These Copy-edits include:

  • Redundant adjectives & overuse of adverbs
  • Over thirty overused words & phrases such as that, it, up/down, was/were, had, even, got, etc.
  • Overuse of exclamations and the ellipsis
  • Proper use of italics, quotations & capitalisation
  • Word pairs & homophones
  • How to handle numbers & time
  • …And descriptions of flow, show not tell, writing tenses, dialogue handling and more.

Applying these copy-edits to your fiction will allow reviewers and readers to evaluate your novel purely on the strength of your story and not on clumsy and weak prose, overuse of adverbs, repetition and flabbiness. Your readers may not understand why your fiction is more engaging, but subconsciously they will respond to the improved flow, the more immediate prose and leaner sentences.

The Indie Editor cannot guarantee you marketing success; what it will guarantee is to give your novel the best chance it can get in a tough, competitive and new publishing world. Getting readers past page one, despite your ‘explosive, fast paced hitting-the-ground-running opening’, is what this guide is all about.

Let’s put it in a nutshell:

The Indie Editor is a one-stop copy-editing shop to improve your novel before publication.

Welcome to the world of Copy-editing!