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“…a thoroughly enjoyable read. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys both science fiction and murder mysteries…a fast-paced, well-written, original and intelligent story.” -BillieO

“Heritage does a great job creating a setting and characters that are distinct and relatable. Then the twists come, fast and furious… a real “who-done-it.” -Rev Gurley

“A truly awe-inspiring story…Vatic was a great character to base this book on and he thoroughly had me from beginning to end… Kudos to the author for writing such a wonderful story.” –Dionne Washington

“…an immensely entertaining story. Fast-paced doesn’t adequately describe it.” –Michelle Zeplin

“I absolutely loved this fast paced, intriguing, suspenseful, Science-Fiction, Futuristic novel… This un-put-down-able book will have you reading late into the night… a tale of espionage to rival many greats in this particular genre… great descriptives, intelligent plots and suspense to keep you enthralled, you certainly won’t be disappointed.” –Renee Spyrou

“A good fast read that will keep you on edge guessing!” -lcsdr60

 “…the pace and intrigues are such that putting the book down becomes secondary to finding out what happens next!…From the intelligent, complex and likely half mad character that is Vatic, to a plot steeped with plenty of tradition.” -Mark Rossiter

“Starts at a frenetic pace and the action doesn’t really let up…a well written whodunnit set in space.” –Amazon Customer

“This is a great read. I am not normally a sci-fi fan but Kev Heritage has put it all together. It is exciting…with unique characters and enough space dust to track but not reveal the clues.” -Denis E. McGrath

“…kept me captivated all the way through! The main character, Vatic, is wonderfully complex and his abilities are definitely cool.” -Madam Ediotte

“…ingeniously thought out, with convincing characterisation and some wonderful touches of detail, brought in deftly enough not to slow down a taut and gripping narrative.” -Makepeace McEvoy

“You won’t put it down until you know the truth!” -Kay Boyle Smith

“You are a willing captive, unable to relinquish control until the very end of the journey… and then you want to relive the experience.” -Selena Orseau

No memory, half-dead and 100% in your face…

Top Company scientist, Chen Jelinek, has committed suicide.

Vatic, a half-alive empath with no memory of who or what he is, will die in six-hours if he can’t find out why—or so the Company tells him—an ‘added incentive to get the job done’.

Our hero soon discovers he is one of the Skilled, a genetically enhanced human revered and despised in equal measure—a bloodhound with a terrifying past who’ll stop at nothing in his pursuit of truth.

And ‘the Skilled always get their guy’… don’t they?

VATIC – “an action-packed burn of a read” –  a science-fiction
mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


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Author Endorsements

Gritty, intense, and compelling, Vatic is something you don’t run into often enough in Sci-Fi–a cerebral thrill ride you don’t want to end.”
-Michael Bunker, US TODAY Bestselling author of Pennsylvania

“Legitimately, one of the best books I’ve read since Ready Player One… Prepare to lose sleep reading Vatic!.. Delicious Sci-Fiction!…The best thing since Wool!”
-Kate Danley, US TODAY bestselling author

“Kev Heritage’s uncanny sense of pacing and story puts him at the forefront of today’s speculative fiction writers.
-Samuel Peralta, Amazon bestselling author and creator of The Future Chronicles

“Gritty, detailed and unrelenting–Vatic will take you on a wild ride.”
-Peter Cawdron, International Bestselling author of Science Fiction


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