Get QUICK-KILL on pre-release for only $0.99/£0.99

QUICK-KILL is back from the editors and despite the heavy pages of red ink and exclamation marks, my new novella is ready on Amazon pre-launch!

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Quick-Kill will be delivered wirelessly to your chosen Kindle device on 7th March 2017.

An assassin should never get caught…

On the backwater, patriarchal planet of Plenty, self-styled assassin and man-hater, Quick-Kill, executes small-time criminal, Rollo Barla, in what should have been a straightforward kill—one of the many she had built her reputation upon.

But soon afterwards, Quick-Kill learns that the contract on Rollo was ordered by the Cabal—a loose network of galactic criminals, and that they, and the equally shady Galactic Secret Service, were now trying to chase her down.

Quick-Kill must stay one step ahead if she is to survive.

Quick-Kill and the Galactic Secret Service


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VIDEO: The Cowl (IronScythe #1) – Printed version reveal

Just me, tea, and the proof version of The Cowl (IronScythe #1). Damn exciting!

Don’t forget, FLESH GOLEM (a fully self-contained fantasy adventure) is available for FREE download from Amazon US/UK, NOOK & Kobo.

THE COWL (three stories and a startling Epilogue) is only $0.99/£.77 for a limited time only. See links below.

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Get your FREE Copy of FLESH GOLEM, an introduction to the IronScythe Sagas here:

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The Cowl (IronScythe #1) Official Release $0.99/£0.77 Limited Offer!

No April Fools! Today, I’m very excited to release my first IronScythe novel, The Cowl.

The Cowl (IronScythe #1)Welcome to the IronScythe Sagas and the world of Arn, where two suns fill the sky and metals are forbidden, dangerous things. And introducing the hooded nemesis of delving himself—the enigmatic Cowl, the wielder of the land’s own avenger, IronScythe.

In a special release offer, you can get the eVersions for only $0.99/£0.77. Get yours now while prices are low. Over 50,000 words of fast-paced fantasy adventure.


Three Fanatastic Adventures starring the hooded nemesis of delving:

Saved from execution by the ambitious Dracus Krall, the Cowl is sent on weregild to kill the evil golem that has lurked in the Krall family home for generations. Accompanying the task is Dracus’ brother-daughter, Vareena, who is not as she seems. She harbours a secret power that will alter the destiny of her family forever.

Captured by the Carline witch, Fulminara, the Cowl is forced to enter a fantastical duel against insurmountable odds. Meanwhile, Vareena’s new life at Keep Krall is not going as she had hoped. Travelling alone across the Salted Wastes, she finds herself part of the Cowl’s life and death struggle—and Fulminara reveals to her the shocking knowledge of the Carline.

Part Three: GOD GOLD
After meeting the animalistic Ya’ousa in a seedy miner’s tavern in the broken land known as The Grikes, the Cowl and Vareena accompany him on a quest to save his kidnapped brethren. Using Vareena’s knowledge of the ancient lith stones and Ya’ousa’s gift of harna, they soon discover the delving mine where the captives are held. In an explosive finale, iron is pitted against gold, but there can be only one victor.

The Cowl is met by an old foe who reveals to him a dark prophesy that only he can prevent from coming true.

Get your Copy of THE COWL (IRONSCYTHE #1)  here:

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VIDEO: Flesh Golem released & FREE!!!!

I must apologise for this mess of a vid, but I had a laugh. I thought you might enjoy it as well. Anyway, FLESH GOLEM, a totally free novella, is now available as an introduction to my BRAND NEW action adventure fantasy series… THE COWL. Links below.

Get your FREE copy of FLESH GOLEM here:

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