Yep there’s no big news in this post, but since my last post was yonks ago, I thought a little WIP report and a great £0.99 / $1.47 book offer from my author friend David J Roger would be just enough to keep you all interested… possibly… maybe… hopefully!

I know many of you are anxiously awaiting news on the sequel… well you’ll have to wait a little longer! But watch this space. In the meantime, I’ve released a Blue Into The Rip 2nd Edition. This will  automatically update your Kindles in the coming week. The printed version is also available.

What’s the difference? A spanking new cover, a bigger size and a new chapter heading font and design. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts.

THE LADY IN THE GLASS – Tales of Death, Justice & Dying
This was scheduled for release in January 2015. But, I’ll be honest, the cover design is just not coming together. I know, it shouldn’t matter that much. Just some words on a background with my name somewhere and that’s all that’s needed, right? But… no. That’s not for me. I want it to be as lovely as I can make it.

Kev’s recommendations
This is a little segment where I highlight a book I’ve read or an author I know.

This time it’s my good writery mate, and best-selling author,  David J Rodger the acclaimed author of God Seed, Dante’s Fool, Iron Man Project, Edge, Living in Flames, Dog Eat Dog, The Black Lake, and The Social Club. He is also the creator of the role-playing game Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur.

His writing is classed as crossover fiction, mainly thrillers with a science fiction and dark fantasy horror twist.

Fans of Cyberpunk and H.P.Lovecraft’s “Cthulhu Mythos” will undoubtedly enjoy seeing threads of these genres woven through the fabric of his work. There is new technology and there are monsters!

I asked David to write a few words about his new release ‘Oakfield’.

Oakfield has both feet planted firmly the Cthulhu Mythos. A form of horror I find appealing because it is both chilling yet can be incredibly subtle.  You don’t have to be a fan of the Cthulhu Mythos or even know what it is to enjoy this work; in fact, it is a pleasure to discover it fresh.

It is set in the near future, and has technology that brings the book into the science fiction genre of Cyberpunk, like most of my novels.

There is hope in Oakfield.  It is a story of survival in the face of increasing peril. But there are victims as well as heroes.  It is this hope, and the struggle the characters go through that creates the tension of this novel.  It’s already been well received by early readers:

For a short period only (Until April 5th) Oakfield on Kindle can be bought for only:

 £0.99 / $1.47

•    LULU paperback
•   Amazon paperback
•    Amazon Kindle: UK | US

Find out more about David:
Rodger lives in Bristol writing from a house on a hill.

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